The Revenant Story

My travels over more than 20 years in the wine industry have taken me from sales and marketing positions for some of California’s most acclaimed wineries to Sales Manager for an Italian import company.

I was incredibly fortunate to work in Italy, where I was influenced by friends and colleagues including Antonio Zaccheo (both Senior and Junior) of Carpineto, Grandi Vini di Toscana. I especially treasure a chance meeting with Guiseppe Quintarelli, regarded as Veneto’s finest winemaker, for the impression he left on me.

In California, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Joel Peterson of Ravenswood, among many others. But it is my enduring bond with Terry and Francis Leighton of Kalin Cellars fame that I owe my deepest thanks for the wealth of knowledge they shared.

I share these experiences with you because they’re the true inspiration behind Revenant. These influences sharpen my focus on crafting specialized varietals in limited quantities with an artisan’s sensibilities.

It was my first visit to France, savoring a rosé from the Cahors region, made from the then-unheralded Malbec, that compelled me to create one of California’s first Malbec Rosé wines. In a similar way, personal introductions to small vineyards that are family owned and farmed inspired me to focus my own portfolio on Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Syrah and a proprietary blend we call Cuvèe Americaine.

I invite you to learn more about Revenant, the story behind the name, our portfolio of wines, and announcements of upcoming releases.



Anthony Knox